Conference Venue: The Wordsworth Hotel & Spa (****)

The easiest way to reach Grasmere is to drive and there is ample parking at the hotel.

If traveling by air, by far the most convenient airport is Manchester Airport.  From here, it is possible to take the train directly from the airport’s rail station to Windermere, changing at Oxenholme (Lake District).  The journey time is around 2 hours and there are trains every 2 hours throughout the day (more often at some peak times).  Alternatively, it is possible to take other trains from the airport, but it will be necessary to change at Manchester Piccadilly, Preston or Oxenholme (Lake District) and the journey time will be up to 3 hours.

If traveling by train from the north or south (or from airports other than Manchester), it is necessary to travel to Windermere by changing trains at Preston or Oxenholme (Lake District). For train times and fares, please check Some tickets are cheaper if bought in advance – to buy tickets online, please visit

For the approx. 9-mile (14,48 Km) journey from Windermere to Grasmere, there are regular buses with a typical journey time of 35 minutes.  Alternatively, it is possible to travel by taxi although this will be considerably more expensive.

The following website has some useful information about the area around Grasmere: